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  Excel where you are valued!   Work where you will make a difference!

Excellence. It is what defines Prairieview. Every day here, you have the opportunity to provide excellent service and to bring happiness to our residents. As a staff member at Prairieview, you will be appreciated regularly for your skills and talents. If you desire to contribute in a workplace that values excellent work, consider a career at Prairieview Lutheran Homes in Danforth, IL.

When Prairieview was founded over 40 years ago, the goal was to make life full and rewarding for seniors in a Christian community.

That very spirit of respectful and individualized care remains the foundation of Prairieview Lutheran Homes, a senior living healthcare community, which includes skilled nursing care, memory care, independent/assisted living, and therapy services in a five-star rated facility. The people that work and volunteer at Prairieview still represent that care in their thorough attention to detail in every area of our resident’s lives.

It’s possible that the greatest work you will ever do, will be within the walls of our homes.

Call 815-269-2970 and ask for Human Resources

Treatment Nurse - Evenings

Job Title: Treatment Nurse 
Department: Prairieview Skilled Care
Evenings 4:00 p.m.- 10:00 p.m.

Reports To: Director of Nursing

The purpose of the Treatment nurse is to ensure ongoing assessment, treatment, and documentation of all skin related issues including, but not limited to pressure ulcers, arterial and venous ulcers, skin tears, bruises, rashes, or any other skin related issues.
The Treatment Nurse will ensure that all residents are assessed regularly as in accordance to facility protocol and all assessment findings will be documented, including any new treatment orders obtained. The Treatment Nurse will be responsible for performing the following duties and any other tasks assigned by the Director of Nursing.


1. Monitor that residents are repositioned regularly at lease every 2 hours or according to individualized turning and repositioning programs.
2. Immediately implement proper treatment orders for any abnormal skin issues or findings. Follow treatment protocol guidelines found in front of each treatment book and consult with American Medical Technologies for treatment recommendations and needed supplies when applicable. Monitor would status and initiate change of treatment orders when necessary. The sign of a wound decline requires reassessment of current treatment and documentation of such.
3. Report the presence of any new pressure ulcer or skin injury to the physician and P.O.A or responsible family member and documented that notification was made.
4. Complete Incident Report upon discovery of a new skin tear or bruise or any other skin injury. Cause or probable cause must be determined for any new skin injury. This is done through investigation with direct care staff. Investigation interview forms are attached to the incident reports. All skin tears and bruises will be monitored daily and documented on during weekly skin assessment until resolved.

5. Upon admission of a new resident perform:
  A. Head-to-toe skin assessment and record any abnormal findings on initial skin assessment flow sheet contained in the admission packet. The initial skin assessment is completed upon         admission and /or readmission and then weekly for 4 additional weeks. Any abnormality of the skin during this assessment should be documented on the assessment form and followed up on     weekly until resolved.
  B. Braden assessment scoring upon admission and for the next 3 weeks and with any significant change in health status, and with MD assessments.
  C. If time allows assist charge nurse with Fall Assessment and Pain Assessment or other tasks to assist with the admission.

6. Obtain any needed treatment orders for new admits.
7. Keep the treatment care room neat, orderly and restocked after each shift use.
8. Assure that creams or other supplies are discarded upon expiration or discontinuance of an order. A resident should have an order for any product in his or her treatment drawer.
9. Perform treatments using proper infection control protocols with clean or sterile technique when applicable. After use of any stock products, tools or baskets that were taken inside a resident’s room, these items will be wiped off using purple top PDI wipes before use for another resident.
10. Assure all bandages and dressings have: date, time, and nurse’s initials.
11. Change oxygen tubing weekly and label with: date, time, initial.
12. Change oxygen humidifier bottles as needed. Label with: date, time, initial. Clean concentrator filters once a week. “Oxygen in Use” sign must be placed outside resident’s door and monitored weekly of its placement. Document on TARS when completed.
13. Change Foley catheters monthly or as needed per resident order.
14. Ensure that Foley catheter care has been provided each shift.
15. The treatment nurse may apply Lidoderm patches during a.m. treatment routine. However, other medicated patches such as Fentanyl, Catapress, Exelon, etc. will be the responsibility of the charge nurse.
16. Assistance to the charge nurse with various tasks of resident care is given after completion of required daily treatment nurse duties.
17. Assistance of MDS section M documentation may be assigned to a specific treatment nurse. This work will require collaboration with the MDS coordinator.
 This nurse may also be responsible for completion of the weekly pressure Ulcer Report that is turned into the Administrator, Director of Nursing, MDS Coordinator, and Dietary Manager.



1. Must have successfully completed a state-approved training program (if applicable), including 4 hours of Alzheimer’s training, before being allowed to work at Faith Place Memory-Care and 12 hours of Alzheimer training after they begin working and each year thereafter.
All employees must receive 4 hours of Alzheimer’s training within 90 days of employment, or before entering the Alzheimer’s unit, whichever is first.
2. Must Attend facility in-services as posted (or watch DVD and take test).
3. Must have good organization skills.
4. Must have good communication skills and know the English Language.
5. Must have an interest in the older population and present care with a caring Christian manner.
6. Must know and respect all residents’ rights according to the policy manual and HIPAA (privacy).
7. Must pass background check, according to state policies, prior to starting employment.
8. Must be able to pass physical and drug screen prior to starting work and be able to lift 50 lbs. at physical. 
9. Must be able to show a high degree of physical work and personal interaction with co-workers and residents.
10. Must be able to communicate with ALL staff when needed to communicate the needs of the residents.
11. Must be able to act in an emergency, according to policies and procedures outlined in employee manuals, and be willing to participate in all practice drills, according to policy, for the safety of all our residents.
12. Must be trained and know what to do if you suspect ABUSE.
13. Must receive and read the employee handbook prior to starting work and be willing to work according to Faith Place or Prairieview Mission Statement and our Core Values (Respect, Excellence, Integrity, and Compassion).

CNA, All Shifts - experience rewarded!

Prairieview Skilled-Care Nursing Home

8-hour and 12-hour shifts

We are seeking quailified individuals to join our team of caring, dedicated professionals. If you are passionate about providing the very best care and want to work where you are valued for your dedication to excellence, then let's talk about a career at Prairieview Lutheran Homes!

Laundry Associate - Part-time

Laundry Associate - Part-time

Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.  (22.5 hrs./ wk)  including every other weekend and holiday

If you desire to work among the older population in a loving community, this may be the job for you!

 Apply online or stop by the front office for an application
403 N 4th St
Danforth. IL 60930

RN / LPN, Full-time nights

Prairieview currently has an opening on our nursing team! We are proud to offer a great working environment, competitive compensation, and a comprehensive benefits package, including medical, dental, vision, employer-paid life insurance, paid time off, and paid holidays. Also, 401(k) is offered after only one year of service. Performance Evaluations are conducted annually to assist with pay reviews.

Prairieview Lutheran Homes is a senior-living healthcare community, which includes skilled nursing care, memory care, independent/assisted living, and therapy services, all in a five-star rated facility.

Job Type: Full-time, Night Shift

5:00 P.M. - 5:00 A.M.


Experience - Long term care, 1 year (Preferred)
Health insurance
Dental insurance
Vision insurance
Retirement plan
Paid time off

Current State Nursing License

Dining Services Associate - Part Time

We are currently accepting applications for a part-time Dining Services Associate.
Hours 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. (<20 hours/week)
including every other weekend and every other holiday.

Please apply online at or stop by for an application at 403 N. Fourth St., Danforth, IL 60930.
Phone 815-269-2970

Job Type: Part-time

Housekeeper, Full-time

Full-time Housekeeper  7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Includes every other weekend & every other holiday

Apply on line:

or, stop by for an application
Prairieview Lutheran Homes
403 N. 4th St,
Danforth, IL 60930