b_270_202_16777215_00_images_stories_ivadelle.jpgIvadelle wears a delicate golden watch with two tiny diamonds on her wrist every day. Her father gave her the watch when she was a junior in high school, and it’s been cherished ever since. Ivadelle also loves to show off her mother’s engagement ring, another gift from her father.

A shy farmhand asked Ivadelle to marry him many years ago. They eventually purchased and farmed their own land. Ivadelle lived right here in Danforth for many years, until she moved to Prairieview last year. In fact when friends take her out now, Ivadelle loves to drive by her house just a couple of blocks away and check to see how her flowers are doing at the base of her giant pine tree.

Ivadelle slowly walks down to dinner in the late afternoon. She says it keeps up her flexibility and strength.