MAY PARADE - MAY 22, 2020

               2 tractors in Parade May 2020

Donnalee watching parade May 2020      Hugs and Kisses PV waiting for parade 2020

PV residents red tractor May parade 2020   

         Firetruck passing Faith Place 2020             PV waiting for parade red heart May 2020     


Red car passing resident Parade May 2020    3 boys in back of gator w sign May Parade

May Parade Girls on Hayrack 2020     Red car w Thanks Staff sign May Parade 2020

   Gators in May Parade 2020

Silver van w flags May Parade 2020      Resident w hatsunglassesheart waving at parade 2020

      waiting for parade FP May 2020          LP Residents waiting for parade3 2020   

         kids and dog in decorated van 2020      FP E.Vandrk waiting for parade yellow heart May 2020

Farmer on old Case tractor May Parade 2020     Happy watching Parade May 2020

FP waiting for parade flowered shirt May 2020       FP waiting for parade yellow heart May 2020      Geroge T waiting for parade May 2020   

                    White van Mike B May Parade 2020    

Lorraine M family in black van May Parade 2020  Man in parade smiling May 2020

LP couple watching parade 2020 cropped  May Parade LP Resident w Kathy 2020

                   May Parade White truck Donnalee 2020      

       May Parade LP resident Thinking of You 2020         Man on tractor taking photo FP May 2020  


                May Parade Tractor 4wheeler past residents 2020


                                        May Parade tractors by LP 2020

May Parade Fire truck 2020

PV resident waiting for parade cropped 2020       PV Resident waving yellow sign Parade 2020       PV Waiting for parade in WC w hatsunglassesheart



            John Deere tractor pulling hay rack 2020             LP resident Yellow shirt and black gloves 2020


Trucks passing residents in parking lot 2020


           White car Thank you Lucille 2020            Red pickup and Leona V 2020


   white car with baby 2020   White van in parade 2020

 red van Hi Allen 2020    red tractor green trees 2020

Tom and LP residents waiting for parade 2020

White Car Thank you Caregivers from Lucilles parade 2020



Event Properties

Event Date May 22nd, 2021 -