Happy B at Luther Place April 2020

Thank you for considering making a gift to Prairieview Lutheran Homes.

Gift Information

Prairieview Lutheran Homes is recognized by the IRS as a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) foundation. Money and/or property you give are considered tax-deductible donations.

Our Circle of Friends is made of individuals who have committed to giving to Prairieview annually or monthly.
This group of donors makes up the core giving group for our ministry to seniors.

Ruby Circle --------$3,500 or more a year
Diamond Circle ---$1,000-$3,499 a year
Platinum Circle ---$750-$999 a year
Gold Circle ---------$500-$749 a year
Silver Circle --------$300-$499 a year
Bronze Circle-------$200-$299 a year
Member ------------$100-$199 a year

Memberships ($100 or more) can be paid in full, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually
Payment can be made online or pay by check!

Make checks payable to:
Friends of Prairieview 
and mail to:
Prairieview Lutheran Homes
403 N. 4th Street
Danforth, IL 60930-0004

We are deeply grateful to all of our donors. Your generosity improves and enhances the lives of our residents.
We apoligize to Kenneth and Yvonne Rohr for not listing their names under the Diamond Circle in the Summer 2022 "The Views" newsletter!


Ruby Circle ($3,500+)

Nicholas D Stolarczyk

Diamond Circle ($1,000–$3,499)
Alvin D Wilken
Bob and Kathleen Clinkscales
Carol Schuldt
Charles and Norma Classen
Con and Kathy Campbell
Don and Lavonne Gillespie
Don Deany
Dr. Venkata Moparthi & Dr. Abraham Thomas
Ernest Potter, LTD CPA
Gerald P Kroesch
Irvin and Patricia Wilken
James R Weinlader
Jerry Ecker
Joe and Debra Judd
John and Joyce Pool
John and Judy Goldenstein
Jon and Diane Goldenstein
Kenneth and Yvonne Rohr
Roy and Donna Koester
Willard and Mary Jakob

Platinum Circle ($750- $999)
Shirley Messersmith
Fruin Farms

Gold Circle ($500–$749)
Anthony and Amber Conn
Bob and Kathleen Clinkscales
Brenda Albers
Carol Ann Carley
Elizabeth Thompson
Glenn and Esther Anderson
James and Cheryl Knake
Kenny and Martha Redeker
Lance and Gretchen Kroesch
Larry and Denise Burton
Marlene C. Schultz
Michael Wojcik
Nick and Roxanne Adsit
Sharron L Kreider

Silver Circle ($300–$499)
Bill and Pat Schatz
Blanche Swedlund
Brandon and Margaret Holden
Eugene and Denise Forster
Harold and Margaret Copas
Harold and Sandy Wilken
John and Theta Lee
Joyce Hilgert
Kay Skates
Larry and Jody Munsterman
Lynn and Pam Wilken
Marv and Marlys Ritzma
Mary Elaine Wertz
Nancy Tucker
Rod and Julie Brault
Steve and Carol Lehmann
Steve and Nancy Tholen
Werner and Holly Janssen
William and Hildegard Adsit

Bronze Circle ($200–$299)
Ann Thacker Family
Brian and Sandie Bohlmann
Calvin and Janet Hasselbring
Charles and Dorothy Janssen
Charles and Marianne Gray
Chet and Brenda Wade
Cynthia J Clarke
Dave Gocken & Carol Peters Gocken
David and Joyce Harms
Dennis and Elsie Evelsizer
Dennis and Nancy Rabe
Diana Elbert
Dino and JoAn Galeaz
Ed and Robin Schuldt
Fred and Bonny Hurliman
Hal and Jan Bryant
Jerald and June Hoekstra
Jerold and Nancy Hurliman
Jim Hasbargen
Johnnie and Kay Hoyer
Keith and Diane Lindgren
Ken and Cheryl Hille
Kermit and Paula Hasselbring
Marcella Bauer
Margaret Hurliman
Paul and Ann Bischoff
Richard and Sue Gray
Roger and Diane Kimmel
Roger Wilken
Roy Ackerman
Roy and Vicky Petersen
Stanley and Barbara Schwark
Stanley Dorsey
Steven and Linda Sweeney
T.L. Cass
Thomas Sanders
Wilma Zeidler

Member Circle ($100–$199)
Bonnie Matherly
Carol A Johnson
Carol J Royer
Carol Mottler
Charles and Dorothy Janssen
Darrell Stroh
Dave and Connie Caldwell
Doug and Deb Mueller
Edith Schwark
Eugene Wachholz
Francis and Susan Gullquist
Gayl and Judith Behrends
Happy Bettenhausen
Henry W. and Imogene Breymeyer
Janet Taylor
Jim Schmohe
Joyce Hilgert
Katherine Gerdes
Kay Henrichs
Kyle and Kaylee Gray
LaMoyne and Lisa Hawley
Lela Hofer
Leola Rader Rabe
Marianne Mau
Marilyn L. Wilken
Marvin and Carol Peters
Neil and Theresa Schippert
Phyllis Dieken
Robert and Patricia Herold
Ruth Ann Cluver
Ruth Storm
Ryan and Jamie Mulvihill
Steven and Deborah Malone
Ted and Diana Iversen
Theresa Smith
Thomas and Judy McCann
Wilbur McCasky
Updated  9/27/22, please call if we have missed your name.

Volunteer Information - Indoor group activities are limited presently. 
Call us with your creative outdoor entertainment ideas!

You, as a volunteer, will help maintain the positive and supportive community we have created at Prairieview. We work with all kinds of volunteers from students to senior citizens. Prairieview welcomes community groups, student groups and senior groups to share your talents, skills and interests with our residents.

Groups or individuals may help organize things, assist at meal times, offer entertainment, play games, work outside in the gardens, decorate outside residents windows, or just hang out with the residents. Please call for approval.

Call and ask for our Director of Activities and Volunteer Services to set up a time to meet, find out where you would fit and schedule a short training.