Cards Players happyAll those who offer services at Prairieview, whether volunteers or staff, take pride in detailed attention to every aspect of care. We pride ourselves on meeting each individual need, making decisions that exceed resident expectations. Each one is devoted to offering a full and rewarding life to each resident.

Rehab to Home

If you or your loved one need a place to rehabilitate between the hospital and home, we have everything you need for a quick rehab stay. Follow these simple steps.

  1. CALL PRAIRIEVIEW. Let us guide you through the process of a Rehab to Home stay with us.
  2. CHOOSE PRAIRIEVIEW. You can count on us to have everything you need to receive excellent therapy for getting stronger.
  3. TRANSFER TO PRAIRIEVIEW. Take advantage of our transportation services from the hospital.
  4. REHAB TO HOME. Let our full-time therapy team assess you and create an effective plan to get you home.

Rehabilitation may include physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy. Our professional therapy team will work at your pace, creating exercises designed specifically for you.

Dining Services creates an individualized meal plan designed to help you gain strength.

Restorative Care designs a program of moving that works with our full-time rehab team's plan, all working together to get you home as soon as possible.

Embrace Life Rehabilitation

Physical, occupational and speech therapy remains readily available for any long-term resident who wants to stay as independent, strong and flexible as possible.  Our full-time therapy team works with our restorative nurse to create a plan designed specifically for you.

(See Out-Patient Rehabilitation Services offering therapy for those living in the community.)


Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants remain available in our skilled care and memory care 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Certified nursing assistants serve residents at the independent and assisted living home under the supervision of a nurse who is on call 24/7. Nurses, as well as other staff, receive regular training on every aspect of their work with seniors.


Spiritual Care

In May of 2020, Janet Longtin joined the staff at Prairieview Lutheran Homes as full time Spiritual Caregiver!
She is a member of Grace Lutheran Church, Rankin, IL.

Janet enjoys her grandkids, ballroom dancing, reading, and cooking. She loves action movies!

Janet is looking forward to getting to know all the residents and families of Prairieview! “I look forward to being the hands, feet, and voice of God!”, says Janet.Spiritual Caregiver Janet Longtin June 2020 cropped






 Dining Services

Dietary staff dedicates themselves to 3 delicious meals a day along with snacks. Helpful servers add a personal touch to each meal. A dining experience at Prairieview includes Select Dining where each resident can choose their meal from a menu. In skilled care, residents have their choice brought to them, while in the independent and assisted living an attractive buffet is set up for each meal. Even in the memory care, staff offer choices when possible. Tablecloths, cloth napkins, music and fresh flowers add to the delightful ambiance at each meal.

  • Five-week menu cycle for Fall/Winter and a new one for Spring/SummerTreats for annual meeting 2020
  • Special event meals such as Gracious Dining, holiday festivities, and pizza parties
  • Families and friends always welcome to join a loved one for any meal, just call ahead when you can
  • Individualized and updated meal plans created for each resident and available at every meal
  • Consultation services from a Certified Dietary Manager



Activities play a critical role at any age, but especially for seniors. Each resident’s needs are delicate and each possesses a history and background which is personal and unique. This means recreations go far beyond arts and crafts. It means more programs that aid in memory recovery and physical functions.A rich mix of programs aim to meet every area for a full life.

  • Sip-n-Chats for visiting with fellow residents, family members always welcome
  • Devotions, hymn sings, inspirational readings and church services to meet spiritual needs
  • Exercises, morning stretches, Wii bowling and walks to prolong physical strength and flexibilityLiz making dragonfly 2020
  • Planting flowers, baking, dominoes, nail day and more to promote hobbies
  • Easter egg hunt, Valentine dance, carnivals, festivals, parties, cook-outs to invite family and friends to join in

Each month our activity staff plan detailed events for every day. Calendars are made available on this website:

View Activities



Barb and Allen Carley 2019

Other Services

  • Hair care available at our on-site salon
  • Reserve our private party room for larger family get-togethers
  • Quarterly care plans for each resident to update care needs and answer questions
  • Laundry and housekeeping
  • Special trips to a local restaurant or a scenic drive
  • Specialized wound care
  • Transportation to and from our residents' doctors' offices
  • Care plans for our residents and family members scheduled regularly and as needed
  • Social Services provides assistance for individuality, independence and dignity through supportive care
  • Spiritual care in the form of group devotionals, hymn sings and individual conversations
  • Behind the scenes our maintenance dept. works to keep Prairieview a safe and enjoyable home


 Popcorn Friday!

This tradition started several years ago and still continues! Free popcorn is popped throughout the day by our Activity Professionals and given to residents, visitors, and staff! As that wonderful smell starts drifting down the hallways around 10:00 a.m., everyone gets excited for Popcorn Friday! 

Popcorn Friday