Mattie as Valentines Day Queen 2020 cropped

Sometimes You Just Know
Mattie and her granddaughter had decided to start the process of finding long-term care by visiting some nursing homes in the area. They started with Prairieview…and didn’t bother to look any further.
Mattie’s daughter, Patti was in charge of the Prairieview kitchen for 27 years. She passed away and has been gone for 14 years, but some of her best recipes are still used today. Mattie knows all the dedication her daughter put into her work at Prairieview and feels a special connection to her here.
“We walked in the door, and we were waiting for our tour to begin. I turned to my granddaughter and asked her, ‘do you feel that?’ I could smell the food from the kitchen, and it was like I walked in at home. We stayed to eat lunch, and they had made my favorite food: ham, sweet potatoes, and spinach. I got a feeling I couldn’t explain like I was walking in my door. I know I was lucky that there was a room, and we didn’t even go visit the other place. Everybody is so nice here; Some are special and extra nice!”
In 2020 Mattie was named Valentines Day Queen as the residents enjoyed music and refreshments in the conference room!